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Real me 2 Review all specifications is here

Real me 2 Review

The handset maker Oppo launched the Reality brand in May 2018 Real me 2 Review to strengthen its hold in the market and give the competition to Xiaomi. Ompo’s Brand Reality has recently launched Real me 2 Review in India. Two rear cameras and 19: 9 display Realm 2 have an initial price of Rs 8,990 in India. Realme has claimed that there is no upgrade version of Realme 1 (Realm 2). According to the company,

Real me 2 Review

Realme 1 focuses on design and performance. Real me 2 Review is an all-rounder budget smartphone. The cheapest variant of Reality 1 is no longer available for sale. This means Realme 2 has made its place in the budget of Rs 10,000. Will this realtime handset be able to compete against Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1? Let’s understand by specification and price.

Real me 2 Review design

Like Realme 1, Reality 2 has a fiberglass body. Glossy diamond-cut design is given on the back panel of the Real me 2 Review . There is a 15 tangent plane curve on the back of the smartphone, which differentiates the light from different ways. Due to having fiber glass, scratches and fingerprints fall easily on the back panel. There is a Nokia display on front panel, Realme 2’s borders are quite thin compared to the counterweight handsets in the market. Although the reality 2 frame might be of plastic, but the phone is very strong.

Real me 2 Review

Real me 2 Review Specification

You will get a dual rear camera setup on the back panel and fingerprint sensor for security has been given. Company name Realme is written on the back panel. As we have already told you that Real me 2 Review has separated from Oppo and now has become a separate brand. This is the reason that Oppo’s logo was present on the back panel of Reality 1, which you will not find in realme 2.

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Real me 2 Review

There is no fingerprint sensor on the back panel for security in Realme 1. Face detection technology has been used in this handset. After feedback from customers, the company has added the fingerprint sensor in Real me 2 Review.

Real me 2 Review

Sadly, the fingerprint sensor present in Realme 2 works slowly and for the first time, we got the problem of registering fingerprints. Like Realme 1, face recognition is also available in Realm 2, it works very well but it does not prove to be as effective in low light.

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