PUBG Mobile Lite

If you have ever played the PC version of PUBG , in many ways, that is the same feeling you will get when playing PUBG Mobile Lite . It is obvious that when developing the Android software, there were a number of limitations encountered. However, the PUBG hype is still pretty high it doesn’t seem like this is going to change any time soon. This is because more and more players are going to be courted by Tencent by releasing their new PUBG Mobile Lite litefor low-end and entry-level smartphone owners. This is going to give all types of Android smartphone users to experience the sensational battle royale. 

PUBG Mobile Lite

                                  Pubg Mobile Lite vs Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile Lite can be downloaded and played without any charges. It features amazing experiences, free bonuses, daily rewards and free crates. Play this game with the amazing experience and also you can get the best quality game play in this version . If you want to play this game in your own android phone so you today visit on the correct artical so you can must to read this artical very carefully and get correct information about this game .

Also Available Fortline Android Version 

                                              PUBG Mobile Lite Features

The moment you first run PUBG mobile lite, you will realize that the game visuals are similar to the ones of PUBG mobile. This can also be seen on the splash and login screens as they are exactly alike. This is the same case for the matchmaking screen. Android users who have ever played the PUBG Mobile Lite versions that were released before version 0.7.0 are likely to be more familiar with the game’s environments.

PUBG Mobile Lite

                                             The app’s size PUBG Mobile Lite

Now, this is one of the biggest, actually the greatest difference between PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile lite. PUBG mobile lite occupies a storage size of 388MB while its superior variant has a 1.8GB size! Huge difference! This is super helpful for users with a limited amount of storage as they can also have the app installed and running smoothly. The graphics are quite low Although almost everything looks familiar between the two games, it doesn’t take an expert to note the graphic difference between the two versions.

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                                         Gameplay PUBG Mobile Lite

The map is much smaller Unlike PUBG mobile, PUBG mobile lite features a much smaller map that looks like an extract from Erangel. Gameplay Generally, the gameplay is by far much the same. The locations you collect loot, destroy enemies and even jump off the airplane in the quest to emerge as the winner are similar. The only notable difference is that the lite version of the game is quite low on features. However, that doesn’t matter much as the gameplay is more or less the same. The game is quite decent. Apart from the infrequent frame lags that are rarely witnessed, the game runs quite smoothly.


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