You must have heard of a veteran tech company Google. Or have ever seen and used in your Android phone . Now Google Assistant has been able to understand the Hindi language. Android users can now experience this new feature . Actually, this is a virtual google assistant who works for you easier .

Google assistant in hindi Details

This google assistant can help in your everyday activities. It will start to manage calendar, Gmail, search, photos, maps and many such apps from your spoken words. It’s like a real assistant who will answer your questions. From jest to humor, morning things like alarm will also be able to do this for you .

Google Assistant

Today we will tell you, which tasks can be easily done through Google Assistant . How Google Assistant of your smartphone will be able to work according to your wishes. That too in your language. There are some features of Assistant that you will be able to use when you get busy, in an emergency .

Up to date Google assistant

The Google Assistant allows users to perform daily chores. Cricket match scores, history questions, weather information, nearby news, country-of-the-world ‘recent moves’ you will be able to ask Assistant. After saying ‘OK Google’, you can talk to Assistant in your language and ask for answers.

What is the traffic of your area, how is the traffic of any other area? What time is happening in some other country, what is happening today in the country’s politics, sports and other areas such as questions you can do with Google Assistant .

Google Assistant

Personal assistant Google assistant

The responsibility of any personal assistant is to remind you and help you about every little thing. Assistant will also play this role for you. You press the Home button for a long time. Say ‘OK Google’ and say, ‘Set an alarm for 7 o’clock tomorrow’, ‘Tell the path to go to Greater Noida from New Delhi Railway Station’, ‘Call Boss’, ‘Flash On Karo’.

Your Assistant will do all this work for you. That is, if there is any luggage in your hands in the emergency and you have to open the lock of the house then it will turn on for you. In an unusual situation, you can also call it to call your family .

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fun and frolic Google assistant

You can also laugh and entertain in the free time from Google Assistant. You can also enjoy a Assistant with questions like ‘How are you, who made you, show me a swan, tell me the joke’. However, it is possible that the answer to most of your questions is different from this assistant. You can say, take me out of the horse and show me, bark like a dog. In such a way, it can also be tried as a means of entertainment .

Google Assistant

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